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Sporting Chance is a local community organisation. We have been built by individuals who are passionate, dedicated and driven to better lives of people living in the North East. As a not-for profit organisation we reinvest everything we achieve back into the community, to continue to improve our range of services and the high quality support we can offer those who access what we have to offer
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Sporting Chance provides education and training opportunities to children and young people that may have barriers on accessing mainstream education. Using our personal and social development model and the passion sport can bring to engage and encourage young people to unlock their full potential
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Our work intends to offer opportunities to the people in society who deserve the opportunities to overcome their life experiences and unlock their potential via sport.
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We have a diverse team working at sporting chance, with a wide range of skills and experience who are constantly working together to improves the lives of our students.
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At Sporting Chance , all the service and support we provide is underpinned by our cohesive and comprehensive policies which can be found by following the link below
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Sporting Chance North East
Sporting Chance is proud to be a local community organisation. We have been built by individuals who are passionate, dedicated and driven to better the lives of people living in the North East.

As a not-for profit organisation we reinvest everything we generate back into the community. We aim to overcome some of the barriers people within the communities where we operate may face, and we strive to provide a holistic and effective service to all our learners and those who access our support..

We offer education, training and social opportunities to children, young people and adults who have found it difficult to access mainstream education or services. Sporting Chance empowers children and people through sport and fitness to gain the qualifications they are capable of, achieve employment and improve their social skills. We specialise in improving health and social outcomes via our innovative sport, exercise and health programmes, and the way in which our committed team can establish positive relationships with all those who access the support we can provide.

We believe in offering a diverse and tailored programme when it comes to working with our communities. We have designed an engaging and challenging programme, working with the learner, to ensure that we address key areas and support the individual to develop independent thinking skills, confidence and resilience.

“Through our work, we intend to offer opportunities to those in our communities who will benefit from and value the opportunities to overcome negative life experiences and unlock their potential via sport. Our model aims to “prevent” further involvement in offending behaviour, by “retaining” our young people’s enthusiasm, engagement and commitment, ultimately enabling them to develop their own positive “progression” through life”

Our clients include a wide range of funding bodies, charities, local authorities, schools and colleges who share commitment to improving education and health opportunities in their communities, and believe that individuals deserve and can benefit from being offered a ‘second chance’.

We have links with a range of organisations and partners, including Ofsted (2016), Sport Leaders UK (2016), ASDAN (2016), Newcastle LA (2016) Gateshead LA (2018) and the Youth Offending Services.

Engaging with Sporting Chance offers our clients the opportunity to achieve their goals by working in partnership with a trusted and highly skilled organisation which is committed to supporting the individual to achieve positive outcomes and meaningful results.

Sporting Chance can offer:

  • Vocational and “hands on” interactive intervention with children and young people, utilising both the sport and exercise arenas.
  • Work placement/ work experience opportunities as part of our commissioned programmes.
  • Personalised and appropriate interventions for disadvantaged and disengaged individuals.
  • Use contemporary approaches, evidence based interventions and practical experience to work with individuals to achieve positive outcomes from the work we carry out.
  • We can help prevent engaging in behaviours which lead to further negative outcomes, retain learners and young people in education and employment settings, and support their progression onto new opportunities. Achieving meaningful and positive progression is at the heart of our activity.

• The youth unemployment rate has risen significantly to over 20% – in England two in five young adults are unemployed or underemployed. The North East has the highest UK unemployment rate with only 65.5% of individuals in full employment, compared to 75% in the South East region, with 25,800 18-24 year olds unemployed (figures provided by theTUC).

• Many of our beneficiaries face complex problems, come from lone-parent families and experience high deprivation/income poverty. Many leave school with no or very few qualifications. These factors can result in many young people in these communities being identified as N.E.E.T (Not in education, employment or training).

• Sporting Chance provide a unique programme aimed specifically at the most disadvantaged communities. A large proportion of young adults aged 16-25 from these areas feel that a significant barrier to them creating a better quality of life (for themselves/their family) is a lack of easily accessible learning, training and work opportunities. The number of options to gain qualifications and skills for employment are significantly lower than in previous years, and this reduces aspiration and determination to succeed.

• Engaging with Sporting Chance offers our learners and young people the opportunity to achieve their goals by working in partnership with a trusted and highly skilled organisation, committed to achieving positive results by identifying and building on individual strengths, and building confidence and skills in those we support.