Sporting Chance provides education and training opportunities to children and young people that may have barriers on accessing mainstream education.

We use the passion sport can bring to engage and encourage young people to unlock their full potential.

“Our work intends to offer opportunities to the young people in society who deserve the opportunities to overcome their life experiences and unlock their potential via sport.  Our model looks to “prevent” further involvement in offending services by “retaining” our young people’s engagement and commitment, ultimately leading too positive “progression” through life”.

Sporting Chance specialise in working with schools and disadvantaged/ disabled groups to improve health outcomes via our innovative sport, exercise and health programmes. This included those with a EHCP.
Pre 16 Provision
We understand and respect a ‘’one fit all’’ programme does not necessarily engage every young person and a diversified approach is a more successful one.

Based upon a trend of what young people enjoy and engage with, within our organisation we have staff that hold different attributes, specialities and expertise that contribute towards the successful delivery of our education and engagement programme.

“Sporting Chance works with a number of goverment statuary organisation to ensure we have a robust education program.

We follow the National curriculum and offer students a number of qualifications up to GCSE level.

To find out more or to refer a student, please contact a member of the team.

Post 16 Provision
Sporting Chances’ fully funded, programme is aimed specifically at young adults from the most disadvantaged communities.

A large proportion of young adults aged 16-25 from these areas feel that the primary barrier to them creating a better quality of life (for themselves/their family) is lack of easily accessible opportunities. The number of opportunities to gain qualifications and skills for employment are significantly lower than in previous years, and that this reduces aspiration and determination to succeed.

Our program offers young adults the opportunity to work towards a number of qualifications in an engaging and practical structured sessions.

We also offer volunteering opportunities for young adults to gain the confidance and experience needed before applying for job vacancies.

To find out more, enrol or refer a young adult, please contact a member of the team.