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Jordon Cairns – Director of Operations

Jordon spent 5 years in the Parachute Regiment. He has been involved in sport for the last 12 years, winning honours by being accepted into the Parachute Regiment boxing team. He continues to train regularly to a high level and has experience of engaging others in physical training and teaching boxing skills to young people working with Sporting Chance.

The time Jordon spent in the Parachute Regiment, has instilled his sense of discipline, and he works with young people showing both empathy and respect.  Jordon has also experience of supporting and encouraging others to engage in activities they may have initially been reluctant to do, and to enable them to experience a sense of progress and achievement.

During his time in the Parachute Regiment, Jordon was recognised for his leadership skills, helping younger, and less confident colleagues to progress. His Commanding Officer often invited Jordon to deliver presentations to help inspire new recruits, helping them adjust to military life.

Since leaving Military Service, Jordon has undertaken a number of courses including substance mis-use and sexual health for young people. This enables him to deliver appropriate advice and guidance to young people involved with Sporting Chance. Jordon has subsequently delivered work centred around keeping safe from harmful substances (both legal and illegal) and body protection and sexual health work with young people.

‘’ My passion is my city and everything that’s in. Everyone has taken a wrong turn once in life, that’s part of being young and daft. But having a mentor or a positive role model to help get you back on track can be the difference to leading a life of crime or dis- honesty’’